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I am not a poet and don't claim to be but I love in my own way putting thought, emotions and reason into words. Been attempting to write since 2012 and I enjoy it.
I do not know really how to write or spell and everything that comes with it, I am truly unlettered, but I cannot help but try to be a part.

Poetry is becoming so very interesting, I see so many different approaches to it, I am attempting to put deep thought into simplicity,
I truly feel that love rules the highest levels of emotions because joy outweighs all other feelings.

I pray that my poetry be unique and different,
This sounds crazy but sometimes I feel like I have discovered a place where I am the pen in someone else's hands if that makes sense

Lagacy Of A Wave

I have caught the wind and bound it
and trapped it in a shell.
When closely placed next to the ear,
my story it will tell.

The sky has been my spirit,
The sun has been my light.
A mother's arms, the moon has been
to hold me through the night.

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