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I am not a poet and don't claim to be but I love in my own way putting thought, emotions and reason into words. Been attempting to write since 2012 and I enjoy it.
I do not know really how to write or spell and everything that comes with it, I am truly unlettered, but I cannot help but try to be a part.

Poetry is becoming so very interesting, I see so many different approaches to it, I am attempting to put deep thought into simplicity,
I truly feel that love rules the highest levels of emotions because joy outweighs all other feelings.

I pray that my poetry be unique and different,
This sounds crazy but sometimes I feel like I have discovered a place where I am the pen in someone else's hands if that makes sense

Tides Of Love

You need not burn old bridges
to keep me by your side.
The sun anoints your smile
and the moon dwells in your eyes

No road has ever taken me
to this place where all my dreams come true
No pain could ever cut so deep,
to think our love was through.

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