Bironga Chadwick

Rookie - 93 Points [Makori] (30/09/1992 / Kisii, Kenya)

Bironga Chadwick Poems

1. My Love, My Tanina 4/12/2013
2. Cycle Of Love 4/24/2013
3. The Greatest There Ever Was 5/21/2013
4. My Fantasy My Dream 6/6/2013
5. I Will Be Your Panda 6/10/2013
6. I Would Rather Write About You 6/19/2013
7. Precious Life 7/11/2013
8. For The Ladies 7/15/2013
9. You'Re My Past 7/16/2013
10. Good Morning 7/16/2013
11. In A Priest's Shoe 7/5/2013
12. Take Care 7/30/2013
13. The Peaceful Moment 6/16/2013
14. The Day Of Reckoning 6/15/2013
15. A Date With The Heaven Guard 8/14/2013
16. The Earth's Cry 8/23/2013
17. Of A Dead And Gone Love 9/1/2013
18. A World Of Double Standards 9/1/2013
19. My Song 9/8/2013
20. Red White 8/13/2014
21. White Red 8/13/2014
22. The Poverty Blessing 8/15/2014
23. Black Sheep 8/22/2014
24. Her Day 9/16/2014
25. Free Fall 10/24/2014
26. Hum My Songbird 10/29/2014
27. I'M Sorry I Hurt You 3/7/2013
28. I Love My Annirah 3/8/2013
29. It Hurts 4/9/2013
30. That Which Is Within 4/9/2013
31. The Goodnight Knight 11/5/2014
32. Get Well Soon, Pal 4/12/2013
33. Those Bell Chimes 11/5/2014
34. The Irony In Life 9/1/2013
Best Poem of Bironga Chadwick

The Irony In Life

The paradox of our time in history is
We have taller buildings, but
shorter tempers;
Wider freeways, but narrower viewpoints.
We spend more, but have less;
We buy more, but enjoy it less.
We have bigger
houses and smaller families;
More conveniences, but less time.
We have more degrees but less sense;
More knowledge, but less judgement.
More experts, yet more problems;
More medicine, but more ailments.

We drink too much,
Smoke too much,
Spend too recklessly,
Laugh too little,
Drive too fast,
Get angry too quickly, ...

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I'M Sorry I Hurt You

I'm sorry I didn't accept your choice,
I'm sorry I didn't want to be at loss,
I'm sorry I didn't stand by you as I promised,
But now I realize my reaction was misled,
I'm sorry I acted so selfish,
And hurt you by being inconsiderately childish,
But now I realize it was a mistake,
I'll man up for whatever is at stake,
That which is good for your well being,

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