Bless Villena

Rookie (12/26/1982 / Philippines)

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Writing helps me clear my head.
The act of grasping for words, trying them out, changing them again and again until you get them right, or until they get YOU right, is a process that I really enjoy.

Poems are not just something we write; sometimes poems write us, and at times we do not even know who we are, until we've seen how we use words to express our thoughts.

All of my poems are reflections of myself, pieces of me that needed to be captured for one reason or another, to be read by myself, by friends or strangers; to be heard and of course, to be understood. Updates

How Could You Love Me?

How could you love me?

I am flawed
beyond belief
I am small and broken;
wounded still
Touched with shadows
that i keep
and yet you love me

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