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I am 20. I live in Florida and its always been a passion of mine to write. poetry, books, stories, skits. you name it I write it. I can think under pressure or when I'm bored. I can come up with things out of the blue. I don't really even need a topic. I usually write when I'm upset about something because it puts more depth into the writing. If anybody enjoys writing the way I do I'm willing to talk with you about it anytime. :) Updates

Im Here For You

Yes im here to help you through
To talk to, confide in, im here for you
No i dont agree with what you did
But hey i get it, you're justba kid
I've been there, done that, i know that look
And yes im mad from that kick i took
That feeling i was sure had disappeared
I guess it didnt leave
Tonight i felt it here

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