Treasure Island

breeanna mcelmurry

(july 24 1994)

Poems of breeanna mcelmurry

1. boy 3/22/2009
2. Daddy 3/16/2009
3. Dark night 3/22/2009
4. drugs took over u 6/7/2010
5. grandma 6/3/2010
6. i dont no u. 7/15/2009
7. i hate 4/12/2009
8. I miss you 6/7/2009
9. Mom 3/16/2009
10. my brother 3/22/2009
11. Sisters 3/22/2009
12. Tears 3/16/2009
13. unspoken 6/3/2009


I try to stop the tears. but they just dont stop. I just dont get it god took you to soon. I pray at night that you will come back but you dont come back. No matter how long i pray for you will never come home. You were my best friend and lover. Now that he took you i dont have a best friend or a lover. I will always love you.

To: all Those who lost there best friend or lover. im so sorry if u did..

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