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We all can dream
I write poetry and sing songs to improve my station.
I am in it for the long haul. I seek collaborators I would love to work with other artists; writers, and entertainers.
I enjoy word construction. I am at base a folk singer/revolutionary. It's the poet in me.
My forte is writing, and singing.
I endeavor to change the world, one song at a time, I have become enamored with song reconstruction, and play around with words until they come together like puzzle pieces to hit my audience hard with hooks and phrases. As a a field reporter of the world around me. Music is my calling card, my vehicle. when I play music and share my gifts. I am beautiful. Sexy, Strong, and wonderous. True greaness is often flamboyant and breaks social rules. We are living in the best of times. Living our lives only comes up short if we go short. To blend into the woodwork is a bitter birthright. My professional personae intersects with my creative juices to create a living, breathing soul, a musical entity, lit by the power of the Sun and the Stars, A volatile, volcanic, cocktail. Polite society tries too hard to reign in such a magnificent beast. I play street music because it is the least constricted form of expressing my skills. I say what I please, and I have found that people appreciate my honesty and grit. I've got " it"
I am rogue with my art. If I please my self with work, my audience will also be pleased. Of course, one has to measure their audience and play songs that will inspire them, personally. I aim high to achieve, and sustain a full array of styles in a public display of works that connects to folks and awes them. My show is live. I invite them to be a part of it. But, I do it my way. It's a cocktail that screams abbondanza, It's my birthright to strive freely for greatness. resisting any and all efforts to tame or lull me into deep slumber of the dullness of mediocrity. I am not seeking people who are scared to commit to greatness. All the best songs have not yet been written. That's a fact, Jack.

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Helen Of Troy

She asked if I would write a poem about her
She wants to know if she's my Helen of Troy
It's true, the holes I'm finding in my boat
are causing quite a stir
Said she, I ought employ
a full time water boy
is she unaware
I am not a broken horse
Or that her backside

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