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We all can dream
I write poetry and sing songs to improve my station.
I am into the music for the long haul. I seek collaborators I would love to work with other artists; writers, and entertainers.
I am a construction worder, at base a folk singer. I used to just sing the blues and rock music until I found my sweeter voices. Today, there isn't many styles I can't pull off.
My forte is singing. I write songs too.
I endeavor to change the world, one song at a time. I play with words until they come together like puzzle pieces to create an honest one two punch to literally and figuratively hook my audience. As a a musical reporter of the world around me. Music is my vehicle to travel. when I play music, I am beautiful, . sexy, strong, and wonderous. I get filmed also for being flamboyant. I freely admit, I bend and sometimes break the rules of etiquette. We only come up short if we don't go long. Our birthright isn't to blend into the woodwork. My professional personae has a living, breathing soul, I feel lit by the power of the Sun and the Stars, A volatile, volcanic, cocktail. I shake up polite society. I also can sing covers, and put a smile on a childs face.What style do I play. Why do I have to limit my craft to one or two styles? I play street music because I have latitude to be unconventional, and not subject to the stifling conformity of music that passes as role modeling. Non-artists telling us what to say like on The Ed Sullivan amd mass media in general. I sing what I please, and I have found that a good number of people appreciate my honesty, what I say and how I say it because I get alot more thumbs up than thumbs down.
I am rogue with my art. If I please myself first with work, chances are my audience will also be pleased with it. But, the envelope must be pushed and stretched. Of course, one has to measure who their audience is and play songs that will captivate,
touch and, inspire them, personally. My show is live. I invite you to be a part of it. I am a cocktail that screams abbondanza.
My gifts are testimony that all of the best songs have not yet been written. Find out for yourself if I got the goods or not.

Buddy Bee Anthony

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Mary's Kitchen

They say whiskey's
a poor man's woman
cash money
a rich man's wine
But, I'm goin downtown
to Mary's Kitchen

to see what I might find
I'll scrounge for scatter with Li'l Jimmy

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