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Thanks for visiting my page and reading my poems.

I love my readers and I value their comments and opinions.

So feel free to express what you feel after reading my poems.

I will be happy, if the soft swing of my wings made any waves in your heart.

I am a Lawyer by profession. Also an artist. Selected as the Advisor to International Artist Advisory Board by Artslant, USA. For details and news please search C.N.Premkumar in the net or copy and paste the link below-

http: //www.artslant.com/global/artists/show/46073-cn-premkumar

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Love Can Sooth Storms

Confessions of Krishna - 2

When my mind is cloudy
I have nowhere to place my head
Except in your cooling lap
Till the clouds start raining profusely

The roar of a storm in all its weirdness
With whirling winds full of mist and dust

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