Carl Browne

Rookie [Browny76] (18th February 1976 / Nottingham, England)

Biography of Carl Browne

New to poetry, had a traumatic childhood and developed emotional issues so hence why i buried emotions deep. my emotions are now emerging and I can't contain them so instead of hiding I'm making use of the positive energy that is coming from them to write poems from my heart, I hope you enjoy them and hopefully feel them also. Please feel free to rate them and/or make a comment. Updates

Everlasting Change In Me

I will forever be sorry for the pain that you feel.
I will use the rest of my life to help you heal.

The man that once was, is no longer me.
The rebuilding of a man who is now free.

Free from those demons, that have beaten his heart.
Broke him as a man now he's got to restart.

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