Treasure Island

Carolyn Brunelle

[autumlovr] (1946)

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Carolyn Brunelle poet

I'm 68 yrs. old, married 48 years to my high school sweetie; retired and living in the northern California, USA.
I love and enjoy my small family (my soulmate Hubby, one Son, one Granddaughter, and one old kitty) and lots of hobbies and interests: my computer, writing, poetry, photography, Pinterest, cooking, the S.F. Giants Baseball games, movies and wine and being anywhere with my hubby. Come visit my webpage:
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Born Free

Who are you to bend and break her
rule another sentient state;
deem her one true purpose in life
be at the mercy of what you dictate?

How many roads she'll never take
how many dreams unrealized
when forced to fill the expected role
of wife and parent in this life?

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