Treasure Island

Carolyn Brunelle

(December 1946)

Biography of Carolyn Brunelle

Carolyn Brunelle poet

I'm 66 yrs. old, married 46 years to my high school sweetie; living in the northern Sacramento Valley of California, USA.
I love and enjoy my family, my computer, writing, photography, computer graphics and just being anywhere with my soul mate hubby. Come visit my webpage:
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Dance Of Life

spring waters falling from mountainsides
crashing, splashing, gushing, roaring,
carve a presence in the rock
whose great stony arms help its
descent to the pools and streams below.
a mighty, rushing, flowing, spilling, glorious journey,
as it spins and twirls itself to the sea.
in a sashay and flourish of ruffled skirts,
it performs a dance of life

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