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I'm 68 yrs. old, married 49 years to my high school sweetie. We are both military brats and grew up everywhere other than where we were born. Got old and retired and are now living in northern California (just north of Sacramento)
I love and enjoy my small family (my soulmate Hubby, our one Son, one Granddaughter, and one old kitty) and lots of hobbies and interests: my computer, writing, poetry, photography, Pinterest, cooking, the S.F. Giants Baseball games, movies and wine and being anywhere with my hubby. Come visit my webpage:
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Dance Of Life

spring waters falling from mountainsides
crashing, splashing, gushing, roaring,
carve a presence in the rock
whose great stony arms help its
descent to the pools and streams below.
a mighty, rushing, flowing, spilling, glorious journey,
as it spins and twirls itself to the sea.
in a sashay and flourish of ruffled skirts,
it performs a dance of life

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