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Biography of Carson Rabalais

I am an intuitive and rather introverted young lady of teenage years. My home-state is the dense marsh land of central Louisiana. I am struggling to survive the shark waters of high school... juggling budding romances and an A/B average. Most of poems are based on experiences that I have or people that I meet on this teenage journey.
Among my many interests are: writing (obviously) , drawing, singing, acting, running cross country, and anything involving music.
I write because it is my Nirvana; writing is what I do to escape this vicious world and try to make sense of myself. Some people hoard, some obsessively clean, some wakeboard, or maybe play the flute; I write.
Thank you for taking the time to read my gibberish and I hope you all enjoy what I have to say.
Love and rockets, Carson.
Hi, it's been a while. I'm back on here just in time for senior year and a lot has changed. Possibly everything, but I felt it important to keep the bio I wrote freshman year. It feels right. I'll be posting things that I've written over these years of high school and I hope that they make someone feel something.

Carson Rabalais's Works:

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Feelings Hidden Inside

I sneak a peek over my shoulder and instantly lock eyes with a breathtaking creature.
Not quite in comparison with the likes of a movie star, but that is just one of his many stellar attributes. His simple attractiveness never ceases to amaze me.
And I know that he feels it too.
That mask of calmness does not fool me. A quick intake of breath as my arm brushes his. And the agony of watching one another from across the way.
And I wonder if he knows that I feel it too.

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