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Hello Everybody,

Thank you for reading my page.

I enjoy doing many things: Reading, practicing piano, playing my sister's violin, singing, drawing, training my dogs, and some more.

Some of my Favorite books are:
The Outsiders by S.E.Hinton
The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis
Chronicles of Ancient Darkness (Author Unknown to me)
Warriors by Erin Hunter
Rumble Fish by S.E.Hinton
Tex by S.E.Hinton
That Was Then, This is Now by S.E.Hinton
The Trap by Joan Lowery Nixon
Laugh Till You Cry by J.L.Nixon
And Many, Many more

I love listening to Classical music, here are some composers I admire:
Ludwig van Beethoven
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Nicolo Paganini
Frederic Chopin
Johann Sebastien Bach
And several more

I have many (Not that many though) pets. Several German shepherds (Will get another one) a Tibetan Mastiff, A Tibetan Terrier, and a Komondorok. I have ten fish (I think one died) , and two birds. And of course, lots and lots of ants.: D

Thank you everyone!

I'm writing several stories, so PM me if you want to read them! Updates


A wondrous event,
For the young and old,
The ghosts are anything but spent,
The spiders weave orange and black striped webs with mold,
The werewolves bloody fangs glinting,
As they sang to the moon.
With children screaming in fear and horror.
Out in the Darkness,
Deep into the night

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