Cathy Hodgson

Freshman - 753 Points [Cat] (USA Ohio)

Biography of Cathy Hodgson

I try to be a inspiration in what I write. Poems, songs, and stories. I write in simple form for the average reader to understand. I sometimes get a little quirky in my writing, but that makes it fun!
I do a lot of creative things like photography, paintings, making jewelry and so much more. I like cooking and baking. I enjoy reading a good book..
I am 80% deaf. I'm happily married..With a grown daughter and son..

Cathy Hodgson's Works:

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Whispering Pages Divine

In Narnia a far door opens
Light is beyond in brightness
Crystal steins shine stunning
Liquid warmth fills to brim

There is a prince most enchanting
Like a magnet I am drawn to his voice
Murmurs of nothing, yet everything
Claw at my muse to whisper back

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