Treasure Island

Catlina Daniels

Poems of Catlina Daniels

1. Beautiful 10/24/2011
2. I See My Pain 10/20/2011
3. Lost 10/23/2011
4. She's all alone 10/22/2011
5. Stray 10/20/2011
6. The Line (Song/Poem) 10/24/2011
7. The Sea 10/20/2011
8. Thunderous Storm 10/23/2011
9. Under The Sky 10/20/2011

Under The Sky

Under the sky
We lie at night.
Standing so still
Its such a fright.
We walk until the sun appears
Stopping if we dare.
And we start to stare
As the darkness sheds.
Under the sky
We start to cry
As it appears
And all life is in tears.

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