Catlina Daniels

Poems of Catlina Daniels

1. Beautiful 10/24/2011
2. I See My Pain 10/20/2011
3. Lost 10/23/2011
4. She's all alone 10/22/2011
5. Stray 10/20/2011
6. The Line (Song/Poem) 10/24/2011
7. The Sea 10/20/2011
8. Thunderous Storm 10/23/2011
9. Under The Sky 10/20/2011


Come along and you may see the very
thing that haunts inside of me,
for we may trust along the way
that will never ever stay,
never love and never gave
that will always be on my grave,
for you are the one not to stay
for you broke my heart
that will always ever

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