Cesare Pavese

(9 September 1908 – 27 August 1950 / Santo Stefano Belbo)

Poems of Cesare Pavese

1. Ancestors 1/20/2003
2. Black Earth Red Earth 3/25/2012
3. Death will Come with your Eyes 3/25/2012
4. End of Fantasy 3/25/2012
5. Habits 3/25/2012
6. In the Morning you Always Come Back 3/25/2012
7. Street Song 3/25/2012
8. The Cats will Know 3/25/2012
9. Two 3/25/2012
10. You Have a Face of Carved Stone 3/25/2012


On the asphalt of the avenue the moon makes
a quiet lake and my friend remembers other times.
A spontaneous encounter used to be enough for him
and he was no longer alone. Looking at the moon,
he breathed in the night. But the freshest scent
was of a woman encountered, the brief adventure
on unsure steps. The quiet room
and a fleeting desire to live there forever
filled his heart. Then, under the moon,

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