Charles Marshall

Poems of Charles Marshall

1. A Great Feeling Is Like 1/4/2013
2. Anger... 1/9/2013
3. Dancing with You 1/4/2013
4. I am Thankful to have a Purpose in Life 1/4/2013
5. Make You Mine 1/4/2013
6. New Love Is 1/28/2013
7. Passed Away, But Not Gone 1/9/2013
8. Short Hair 1/4/2013
9. The Gift of Happiness 3/6/2013
10. Why I Love You 1/4/2013

Dancing with You

Dance to the rhythm of the music

Admire the sexy body attire while moving and gliding on the dance floor

Move your exotic body, twist your hips and shake that booty

Oh the smiles, laughter and fun of dancing with you

The seduction of dancing becomes romantic, please don't stop

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