Chatara Conway

Rookie (May 11,1994 / Waukegan)

Biography of Chatara Conway

My name is Chatara Conway! I write poetry because I like to express myself through written words, not spoken ones. I am considered shy, and quiet, but my poems say a lot of other things that people don't see when they look at me. When people look at me they see a 4 ft 11 in. girl and easily expect me to be a pushover. I am... different. I can be very private about certain things because I don't want to share information about myself and then be shattered by someone's words. Well, poetry is my life and if I don't have that, I have nothing. So, this is my life to you. Thanks! Updates

When The Sun Rises

When the sun rises, my heart is full
Day is clam; life is cool
When I see your face my heart is lifted
My soul is free; I picture heaven
When the sun sets, my heart is in pain
Disappointment has filled it yet again
Like a cold night; there is no surprise
I know what's going to happen
I can see it in your eyes

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