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I'm married,35years.I have 2 grown daughters,3 grandkids.Live on a small farm in Ohio.Came from W.Va.
Parents divorced when I was one, and I was given to an Aunt to raise. At 13, she thought I needed to be with my 'real' mother. At 14, my 'real mother', thought I would do better with an older brother. at 14yrs. and 2mos. I decided, I would do better on my own. So I lived many lives in the next 5 yrs, until I married.
Since then I have lived a quiet life.I have scribbled since I was a child. Learned to read from looking at poems my mother had read, and I had memorized. Daughters show no interest, but grandkids may! I hope anyway! Updates

The Nest

Alberta the Squirrel had a very fine nest.
In the crook of yon Maple tree high did it rest.
She had a mate named William she called Billy Boy.
Her lifelong companion filled her heart with pure joy.

They'd built their nest lovingly all safe, snug and warm.
They tended it well so it would weather a storm.
In springtime they would add softest layers anew.
To prepare for the birth of a baby or two.

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