Treasure Island

Chidera Victor


Poems of Chidera Victor

1. Fairest beauty 10/15/2013
2. In A Dark Corner 3/29/2014
3. Rose Of Beauty 2/16/2014
4. The Rhythm. Of Love 8/28/2013
5. The Story Of Our Love 9/30/2013
6. There Is Our Hero 8/22/2013
7. When 10/15/2013
8. Will You Be There 8/28/2013

Fairest beauty

Thou fairest beauty thou art called
You who graced the earth with thy beauty and smile
You who endowed and blessed the earth with thy presence
Thy bright eyes feed'st the skies with thy gradience

Mine eyes and heart troubles me; a mortal war
How to divide the conquest of thy sight
Rubbies and diamond not as precious as thou
Thy beauty has made men slaves

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