Treasure Island

Chrispin Johnson


Poems of Chrispin Johnson

1. Blue Eyed Girl 5/2/2010
2. Freedom thigh name is 3/17/2009
3. I am. 11/17/2009
4. Life 1/23/2008
5. Love 5/31/2008
6. Love revised 6/3/2008
7. My Super Hero 9/15/2011
8. September 11 3/17/2008
9. The Wonders of Nature 9/15/2006
10. Tis the Season 6/2/2008
11. Untitled 3/15/2009
12. What is a Hero? 8/14/2007


Why do we walk the mysterious road of this journey we called life?

Is it our curiosity or our sense of adventure that makes us keep going. Although we do not know where the journey may lead we still strive on.

Step by step we march getting closer to our goals and dreams, living a good old age, being successful or something else we strive for.

Do you believe in destiny? if so who is this creator who has paved you a path. Is it destiny that decide how we live and have our path to life al

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