Chrispin Johnson


Poems of Chrispin Johnson

1. Blue Eyed Girl 5/2/2010
2. Freedom thigh name is 3/17/2009
3. I am. 11/17/2009
4. Life 1/23/2008
5. Love 5/31/2008
6. Love revised 6/3/2008
7. My Super Hero 9/15/2011
8. September 11 3/17/2008
9. The Wonders of Nature 9/15/2006
10. Tis the Season 6/2/2008
11. Untitled 3/15/2009
12. What is a Hero? 8/14/2007

September 11

September 11 an ordinary day, wake up to the sound of the alarm.
A husband says goodbye to a wife, a wife says goodbye to husband. A dad says goodbye to his kids, a mother says goodbye to her kids, heading to their final destinations not realising that will be goodbye for ever.

A man, a woman arrives at the towers of doom. To them another tuesday just like every other tuesday, filling out paperworks, answering phones not knowing their lives were about to be deprived from them.
The simple j

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