Christianne Balk

Biography of Christianne Balk

Christianne Balk is an American poet.


She graduated in biology with honors from Grinnell College.

Her work has appeared in Pequod, Crazy Horse, Sulfur, The Centennial review The Missouri Review, Sonora Review, Prairie Schooner Harper's, and The New Yorker.

She taught at the University of British Columbia.

She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and daughter.


1985 Walt Whitman Award
1994 Verna Emory Award
Alaska Council on the Arts travel grant

Christianne Balk's Works:


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Birds, Converging

Sun salved, we sit on the front porch, careful
when we speak, watching the crows swagger near
the property line, dabbing – what. A nest
of grubs? Ice-wintered berries? New grass shoots?
Such purposeful pecking. They pause, sky-tipped.
Resume their work. Curious, we step close –
a starling twitches at their feet. One eye
gone, the other blinking fast, rib cage open
to the sun as the snow unravels from

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