Treasure Island

Christopher Withers

Poems of Christopher Withers

41. thoughts of an atheist 11/15/2006
42. time's swift beat 2/27/2008
43. together we crumble, stumble, and fall 11/16/2006
44. undone 12/9/2008
45. untold 9/11/2008
46. voices whisper 12/10/2008
47. voids mistake 4/14/2009
48. Winters Sun 8/11/2009
49. witness of the modern age 5/16/2009

spider spider

needing the bathroom late at night, silently,
i feel my way through the darkness,
slowly across the bedroom floor.
being careful not to trip or bang, i’m
suddenly reminded of a childhood game, one
in which i’d attempt to silently descend
what were surely the creakiest stairs in the world
(in my childhood memory at least)
without my parents waking

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