Cicely Fox Smith

(1882-1954 / England)

Biography of Cicely Fox Smith

Born Feb 1st 1882

Died April 8th 1954

Cicely was born into a middle class family in Northern England during the later half of the reign of Queen Victoria. Her father was a lawyer and her grandfather was a clergyman. A typical female child of that era might have been expected to have a short education and then to settle down to life as a homemaker either for her family or her marriage partner. Thankfully that did not happen in Cicely's case. Updates

A Ballad Of Old And New

As I went down through Portsmouth Town, with my bundle in my hand,
I met a chap in a pigtail rig, just newly come to land;
I met a fellow of an old-style build, with a look both bold and free, -
With varnished hat and buckled shoes, like the men of the Old Navee.

'What news, what news, young fellow,' he said, 'of rigging loft and yard;
What ships are new, and what are built this year at Buckler's Hard?
And is the cry, 'More frigates,' still, as I mind it used to be?
Do England's oaks bu

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