Clarence A. Graham, Jr.

Rookie (June 28,1919 / Virginia, St. Louis County, Minnesota.)

Biography of Clarence A. Graham, Jr.

I was born June 28,1919 in the big bed room in a building on the North side of Cestnut Street of Virginia, Minnesota. I have lived all of my life, with the exception of going away to school and serving in the United States Army for 3 years,8 months and 11 days. I served in various units in the Army. The last assignment was a Detachment Clerk. I am a retired Mortician with 50 years of service to the families in the area. I retired about23 years ago. I started writing poetry about 5 years ago. To date, February 2,2006, I have written 313 poems.

Clarence A. Graham, Jr.'s Works:

I have written no books, but some of my poetry has been published in books. I have won a number of awards. I enjoy writing poems. I have a lady cousin who lives in Wisconson and she told me that she knew that I had this talent when I was very young. I am 87 years old now and enjoying life very much. Updates

Slave Girl

In old Baghdad, a long time ago, lived a beautiful girl
She was captured by pirates and became a slave girl
While on the ship, the Capitan and the beautiful girl fell in love

There is a new twist to this story
The Capitan always performs the marriage ceremony
Therefore, the Capitan performed their marriage ceremony

After that, the handsome Capitan and the beautiful girl ruled the oceans

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