Colin Coplin

Rookie - 4 Points (Australia)

Colin Coplin Poems

81. Rhapsody While Walking Home 12/29/2011
82. Rock And Roll Paradise 12/12/2011
83. Same Place, Same Time 12/29/2011
84. Santa Knows My Name 9/9/2012
85. Seven Seagulls And Smiling Clouds 11/22/2010
86. She And So I 12/29/2011
87. She Likes The Finer Things 9/9/2012
88. Shuffle On The Blue Line 11/22/2010
89. Simply Love 12/29/2011
90. So Many Years 11/22/2010
91. Sometimes There's Three 12/29/2011
92. Song 988 11/22/2010
93. Stolen Glimpse 8/24/2012
94. Sweet Child They Call Democracy 12/15/2010
95. Sweet Love I Desire 12/29/2011
96. Ten Minutes 11/22/2010
97. Ten Things I Like About You 12/29/2011
98. Thank God They Take Credit Card Here 8/15/2012
99. That Little Hole 1/1/2011
100. That Suits Me Just Fine 11/22/2010
101. The Climate Change Song (Like A Leopard) 11/28/2010
102. The Clouds 12/29/2011
103. The Crime Of Death, A Portrait In Tomorrow's Sky 12/8/2010
104. The Crime Of Love 12/29/2011
105. The First Date 12/29/2011
106. The Life Of Mary O’henry & Simon Le Frankie 12/29/2011
107. The More You Know (The More You Give To Me) 12/29/2011
108. The Note You Wrote 12/29/2011
109. The Telephone Is Such A Lonely Place 11/22/2010
110. The Tempo (String Theory) 12/29/2011
111. The Well 11/22/2010
112. The Whisper 2 11/21/2012
113. There Comes A Time 11/22/2010
114. There's More Than 5 Ways, To Save The World 8/3/2012
115. This Inner Flame Called Love 12/29/2011
116. Through The Fields (Unfinished) 12/29/2011
117. Tides And Foam 3/25/2011
118. Time To Start Anew With You 12/29/2011
119. Treasure Is An Island 8/3/2012
120. Tv Commercials 12/29/2011
Best Poem of Colin Coplin

My Grandfather's Hands

My grandfather’s hands tell a story
That few today could understand
Each knot a memory, each cut a step forward
That made me what I am

My grandfather’s hands worked the fields
That grew the food that fed the common man
Each day beneath the sun a lash, ten drops of sweat a dollar
That made me what I am

My grandfathers hands, my grandfathers hands
They turned the wheels that made me what I am

My grandfather’s hands I remember them
They were strong, they were gentle
They held me up and placed me on a mantle
On his shoulders I could see the ...

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Age Of Empire

Who’ll build the homes where you live
Who’ll hunt the food and plant the seed
Who’ll cross the mountains, discover whole new lands
In self play mode, who will give a damn

Who’ll teach the children about the past
Who’ll sing the songs and make us laugh
Who’ll dream the future and put it in our grasp
In self play mode, who can sit and watch

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