Treasure Island

Colin Coplin


Poems of Colin Coplin

121. Twelve Good Men 12/29/2011
122. Two Sides 12/15/2010
123. Until The Morning Light 3/25/2011
124. Until The Very End 3/25/2011
125. Was It Me, Was It You, Or Was It Someone Else 8/3/2012
126. We'll Meet Again Sometime 11/22/2010
127. What Do You Want With Me 9/9/2012
128. What Is Love 12/29/2011
129. What's Been Foretold 12/15/2010
130. What's It To You 12/8/2010
131. When Fate Comes Calling 8/24/2012
132. Where You'll Always Stay 8/3/2012
133. While You're Sleeping 3/25/2011
134. White Knight 12/12/2011
135. Wish List (votes for sale) 12/29/2011
136. Woman Come Set Your Man Free 12/8/2010
137. Words Don't Come Easy (and they don't say enough) 12/29/2011
138. Wrap Me In Your Wings 11/26/2010
139. You And I 11/22/2010
140. You Elude (As I Pursue) 3/25/2011


Things are done that I just don't understand
There's hardly no time left for the average young man
Works his arse off 'til his blue in the face
Drugged with hope so he can keep up the pace

And soon he joins the unemployed
Where all hope and ambition are destroyed
Is there any justice left in this world
Is there any justice left in this world

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