Colin Coplin

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Poems of Colin Coplin

121. Twelve Good Men 12/29/2011
122. Two Sides 12/15/2010
123. Until The Morning Light 3/25/2011
124. Until The Very End 3/25/2011
125. Was It Me, Was It You, Or Was It Someone Else 8/3/2012
126. We'll Meet Again Sometime 11/22/2010
127. What Do You Want With Me 9/9/2012
128. What Is Love 12/29/2011
129. What's Been Foretold 12/15/2010
130. What's It To You 12/8/2010
131. When Fate Comes Calling 8/24/2012
132. Where You'll Always Stay 8/3/2012
133. While You're Sleeping 3/25/2011
134. White Knight 12/12/2011
135. Wish List (votes for sale) 12/29/2011
136. Woman Come Set Your Man Free 12/8/2010
137. Words Don't Come Easy (and they don't say enough) 12/29/2011
138. Wrap Me In Your Wings 11/26/2010
139. You And I 11/22/2010
140. You Elude (As I Pursue) 3/25/2011

Daddy's Got A Woman

Daddy’s got a woman that makes him feel right
Tell mummy I love her and I won’t be home tonight
Daddy’s got a woman that makes him feel right

A man he's got needs, a man's got passions too
A man he's got dreams, that he needs to work through
A man he's got hopes, someday will come true
A man he needs love, the same love he gives to you

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