Connie Webb

Connie Webb Poems

81. Gratitude 4/13/2007
82. Good Riddance 2/7/2010
83. Funny Feet 5/6/2006
84. Fun Days As A Child 4/3/2007
85. Fond Memory Of Us 7/22/2006
86. Fly Free Little Brother 10/30/2008
87. Fascinated And Motivated By An English Teacher 3/26/2006
88. Even Though 10/12/2007
89. Even If I Thought Nobody Liked Me 4/20/2007
90. E-Tale 4/9/2006
91. Emerge 1/10/2009
92. Eighteen Isn’t Long Enough To Live 2/5/2008
93. Easter's Past 4/15/2006
94. Criticism Rebellion 2/1/2010
95. Cookies 3/28/2006
96. Christmas 3/25/2006
97. Cats Fly 3/28/2006
98. Cast Out Labels 3/22/2008
99. Bye, Bye Hummingbird 7/22/2006
100. Butterflies And My Family 4/9/2006
101. But Life 3/27/2006
102. Art By A Two Year Old 5/21/2006
103. Art 4/13/2006
104. Anxiety 11/20/2008
105. Almost A Year 11/10/2006
106. Alcoholism's Sadness 4/5/2007
107. After The Fire 4/13/2007
108. A Stay-At-Home Mom Was I 4/15/2007
109. A Size Down 3/31/2007
110. A Mother's Thoughts 8/26/2006
111. A Healthier Easter 4/5/2007
112. A Good Friend She Was 5/27/2008
113. A Gift A Power Brings 2/4/2008
114. A Black Cat Crossed My Path 10/19/2006
Best Poem of Connie Webb

Mom And Time

When I was a girl
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
I wish she would stop telling me
What to do!

When I was a teen
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
She won’t let me stay out
Late at night!

When I was a young adult
I told my friends
My mom is so mean
She keeps calling me and wanting to talk
All the time!

Now that she is gone
I wish she would tell me what to do
Tell me to not stay up so late
Call me and talk for hours
And I lied
My mom was not so mean
She was being a mom
And showing she cared
Mom, I love ...

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The Suitor

There once was a cat from the city
Who met a fine looking kitty
He said to she
“Shall we have tea?
My dear you sure are quite pretty.”

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