Cosmic Dreamer

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Biography of Cosmic Dreamer

Despite what you may read in some of my writings, I am not a religious man. Why base your life on the teachings of one book when you can become all that you were meant to be by embracing the knowledge of many. Don't get me wrong though, I like the idea of religion... In the same way that I like the idea of Harry Potter, but believing in Harry Potter and basing my life on his book would be foolish... Wouldn't it?

And to those of you would say I will be punished for my lack of faith I say this... 'Why would god look upon one of god's creations and call it bad... We are all the masters of our own destiny...' Updates

Heavens Playground...

The night sky is sprinkled with the jewels of angels,
Magically they hang there for all eternity,
I gaze upon those bright beacons of shimmereing crystal,
I connect the dots across the fabric of space and time,
Through a silky black sequined sky to heavens playground,
A dream world where our souls can dance upon starlight,
In dreams we ride the celestial skies until the morning light,
For dawn shall arrive and pierce through the heart of night,
Bleeding soft sunlight onto our be

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