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All of the writings previously posted are quite outdated, and were written when I was 16. Please excuse the grammatical, and somewhat adolescent nature of the pieces. Try not to judge me to harshly. I've contemplated their deletion, but I've decided, they're part of the person, I used to be. They're the past, and I've grown from that. I might jot down a few thoughts from time to time, I might even post them. I guess we'll see.

Thank you for stopping by my page. Whoever's reading this, have a wonderful day/night. Updates

Your Beauty Decieved Me

Balled up tight, my wounds are sealed
The scars are left, they never healed,
You think me insane, you think me rude,
For this unjust fact, it isn’t true,
All I wanted was eternal life, renewed,
What I got instead was, was something impossible to elude,
A pain so deep, A scar unseen,
My love is gone it cannot be,
How can something as beautiful as you be so cruel,

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