Curtis Baskerville

Rookie (8-27-91 / York, PA)

Biography of Curtis Baskerville

My name is Curtis but you can call me curt, I am 18 yrs. old with two beautiful kids name, Mia and Jaz' Aiyra. I will be graduating school in June in two months, but i started writing poetry in 8th and ever since then i love it and i became better, well i will be posting some first chance i get so you can read some. Updates

' Life Without You '

Life without you would mean sudden death;
like a sharp dagger through my flesh.
I do not bleed the blood from my veins,
yet I bleed my soul; the one thing that you crave.

The clouds will turn from white to grey,
and our beautiful love song will no longer play.
I will shrivel up and die, like flowers during fall season time.

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