Dakota Bordeau

Dakota Bordeau Poems

1. Angel Dont Die 10/24/2009
2. Blue Hate 10/26/2009
3. ~lost Love~ 10/26/2009
4. Forever 12/2/2009
5. Death 12/2/2009
6. Fallen Angel Eyes 12/2/2009
7. Solider 12/2/2009
8. Best Times 12/2/2009
9. ~blue Hate~ 12/2/2009
10. Emo Kid 12/2/2009
11. Trouble 12/2/2009
12. ~smile~ 12/2/2009
13. ~3 L’s~ 10/24/2009
14. Someone To Be 10/24/2009
15. ~sick Games~ 2/15/2010
16. Smile 10/24/2009
17. My Love Songs 12/2/2009
18. Open Heart 12/2/2009
19. Silent Tears 12/2/2009
20. My War 12/2/2009
21. My Angel 12/2/2009
Best Poem of Dakota Bordeau

My Angel

I met someone somewhere out there,
One angel, with eyes that dare,
I saw her sent from the sky,
Oh, she’s an angel, an angel of a butterfly,
Dark angel, cricket angel, my only angel,
You had no idea what is heaven and what is hell,
Gazing into your brown eyes when we first met,
Wow, I knew then, you were a heaven sent,
Dark angel, you are a light angel,
You lighted my path when dark days prevail,
Now I know, you didn’t walk away,
Stay with me, is all I pray,
Dark angel, oh my angel,
Cover me, fly beside me,
I love you, I need you with me,...

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Blue Hate

No one knows what it's like,
To be the bad man,
To be the sad man,
Behind blue eyes,
And no one knows,
What it's like to be hated,
To be fated to telling only lies,
But my dreams they aren't as empty,
As my conscience seems to be,

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