Daniel Oliveira

Daniel Oliveira Poems

1. Dust Child 7/5/2005
2. My Drifter... 5/13/2005
3. Giving Flowers To The Wind. 5/13/2005
4. The Right To Flower. 5/13/2005
5. Ascending, Thin, To The Sky 6/2/2005
6. Death Part Un 6/2/2005
7. Vicious 6/2/2005
8. Shake And Bake Torture (American Sorrow) 6/29/2005
9. Death Part Deux 6/29/2005
10. Damaged 7/5/2005
11. Recollection 7/5/2005
12. The Beauty Of Gray 6/2/2005
13. Fortify 6/2/2005
14. Exhale 6/2/2005
15. Beautiful Words 6/29/2005
16. Fingering At The Rope. 5/13/2005
17. Abstinence 6/2/2005
18. Rainbow, Rainbow 7/5/2005
19. Trashcan Boy (Oh, That Emo Kid) 6/2/2005
Best Poem of Daniel Oliveira

Trashcan Boy (Oh, That Emo Kid)

Monday through Friday
In throughout the masses
He stares at you
Stares at me
All the while just a smile
A blank halo
Over the perfect look
Ready, awaiting
Locked in the arms of
In the grip of
A last encounter
, A first one
, A special one
, The best one
Monday through Friday
Those eyes they’ll never change
And how they look at me
, Oh, how they glare
So sweet, so common,
A sigh
Distant, composed
Surrendered in a bulge
Of gray, of mass;
Still we will never convene
Never say a word
I’ll never smile ...

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Death Part Deux

Shall I walk again?
Dragging bloodless viscera that follow my decrepit steps
Burning for the bowels of the earth
Hoping for an innervating chance
At some decayed form of life
Shall I walk from my red grave?
Farewell to a hollow tomb?
Excavating thoughts of torture

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