daryl widder


Poems of daryl widder

1. Love is Evol 5/6/2011
2. My Ment to Be 6/2/2011
3. My Season 5/5/2011
4. night sky 2/12/2013
5. One of Those Days 5/29/2011
6. Renovation 5/5/2011
7. Tree of No Light Life 5/6/2011
8. When Angles Fade 3/19/2012

Tree of No Light Life

Tree of night.
Tree of fright.
See as this tree has, lost the need to fight.

Tree of no light.
Tree of no sight.
See this tree as it, lost will of life.

Abanded tree drained of like,
drained of strength, drained of life.

Soulless tree lost of love,
lost of weather, lost from above.

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