David Chap Bottoms

Rookie - 23 Points (20th September 1990 / Jacksonville, Florida)

Biography of David Chap Bottoms

I grew up in middle class suburbia with my father Guy W. Bottoms Sr. and my mother Denise S. Bottoms. I have a sister Katheryn Hall, and two brothers Jacob J. Bottoms and Guy W. Bottoms Jr. whom are all older than me. Ever since my education in middle school I started writing short poems and stories that explored my imagination and helped me deal with both harsh and pleasant times in my life. I never intended for any of my writing to be public at first, it meant more to me as a source of reflection and release. Many people in my life, both friends and family, began to read some of my most recent work and to my surprise really enjoyed it. Not solely because they wanted to be supportive but in earnest interest of my writings. At first I was cautious of taking their advice to publish some of my works to magazines and internet sights, I felt to self conscious of what others might say or think. So after much thought and consideration I decided I wanted a online data base where I could store what I wrote and so that those who supported me could read all of my new works.

David Chap Bottoms's Works:


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The Torturing Nightmare

The desolate desert, the untameable forest, the merciless sea.
A solitary man hovers over this vast landscape.
Three terrors clashed together, hiding secrets and nightmares.
His eyes dart frantically back and forth, unable to move or speak.
He sees a version of himself walking through the desert.
Parched and tired from the brutal sun beating down on him.
The man stops as the wind shifts, and the sands begin to move.
He takes off running, and the sands take chase.
He grows weary as his en

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