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David SmithWhite Poems

41. Song: Down Wind 9/8/2005
42. Song: Pillow Talk 10/21/2005
43. Song: Sniffin' Around 9/14/2005
44. Song: The Hewers Of Love 9/14/2005
45. Song: Top Dog 10/30/2005
46. Song: A Coward's Love 9/1/2005
47. Song: A Dog's Life 9/13/2005
48. Song: A Much Traveled Road 9/9/2005
49. Song: A Perfect Storm 9/2/2005
50. Song: Barbarians At The Gate 1/1/2006
51. Song: Blue Dreaming 8/30/2005
52. Song: Blue Poles 10/5/2005
53. Song: Carried Away 8/30/2005
54. Song: Cath. The Great! 12/18/2006
55. Song: Evolution 4/2/2009
56. Song: Fear Of Flying 10/9/2006
57. Song: Forever Bound 10/11/2005
58. Song: Going Under 10/12/2005
59. Song: Guerillas In The Mist 10/31/2005
60. Song: Hard City 8/31/2005
61. Song: Mayhem And Madness 9/20/2005
62. Song: Much About You 3/20/2006
63. Song: Murrumbidgee Dreaming 8/31/2005
64. Song: My Lady Estelle 9/1/2005
65. Song: On Borrowed Time 12/22/2008
66. Song: On The Boulevard 9/6/2005
67. Song: Paranoia 9/6/2005
68. Song: Riding The Dragon 9/1/2005
69. Song: Rock And Roll 8/5/2009
70. Song: Selfish Love 1/8/2009
71. Song: Spin Out 9/5/2005
72. Song: Spiral Love 9/16/2005
73. Song: Star Wars 1/28/2009
74. Song: Starstruck 9/4/2005
75. Song: The Balancing Act 9/4/2005
76. Song: The Cold-Hearted Children 9/12/2005
77. Song: The Drinking Man 9/22/2006
78. Song: The Gamblin' Man 2/1/2007
79. Song: The Highway Man 9/5/2005
80. Song: The House Of Cards 3/26/2006
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In my own remembering,
I can see so many things.
Days of bliss were much too brief.
Longer nights of pain and grief.
In my own remembering,
all my sins forgive.

Memory, can never be,
mere fact or history.
Memory, is more complex;
of mute agenda and subtext.
Memory, will flow and ebb,
according to one's mental web.
Memory, a visceral mix,
of deja vu and subtle tricks.

In my own remembering,
thwarted dreams will all take wing.
Flights of fancy, foolish lies,
float in ether's cloudless skies.
In my own imagining,
I begin ...

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Song: High Fidelity

When there's no-one left to care. I'll be there.
Or they say you've got no prayer. I'll be there.

When a moment freely shared, is as precious and as rare,
as the diamonds in your eyes, and the highlights in your hair.
And time itself's impaired, with seconds running scared,
with minutes gone into hiding like hibernating bears.
And none of us are spared, to lull the crawling dread;
with emotions not easily aired, but locked inside the head.

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