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Dawn Slanker

Biography of Dawn Slanker


sculptor of people molded in clay.
painter and poet with something to say.
teacher by occupation, student of art,
favoring creativity born from the heart.
yearns for inspiration from an undecided muse,
reaching and searching for anything to use.
I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful boys whom I love very much. I also have 3 dogs (boxer/pit, dobie, boxer) ,2 cats, and 16 fish. I have a BA in English, a BA in Psych, and a minor in Art. I love to garden and I'm an avid collector of roses both real and painted.

I love everything Artsy and poetry is no exception. I enjoy writing all forms of poetry and experimenting with various poetic devices. However, Although I enjoy free verse, I especially love structured poetry and have been challenging myself by working down a list of structured forms. I have learned so much about writing poetry and all it's nuances from this exercise alone. I'm a firm believer that there is a distinct difference between prose and poetry and that poetry must contain some form of poetic device in order to be called poetry. Mostly, I just love words and playing with words so don't be surprised if you see something a bit funky from time to time. Thanks for taking the time to ready my bio. Peace and Happiness to all.

Dawn Slanker's Works:

Published in the book, Oh, What A Tangled Web...2008
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My Undecided Muse

My Undecided Muse

My muse, she is a fickle bird
her songs stretch far and wide.
she often sings of many things
her real voice she hides.

With poet's beak, she pecks out words
that soothe or stir or stab.

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