Denvor fernandez

Rookie - 29 Points (27/01/1988 / Palakkad, Kerala, India)

Denvor fernandez Poems

1. Countdown 12/21/2009
2. Drama 12/22/2009
3. God Is Female 12/22/2009
4. Lust 5/31/2011
5. Pride 5/31/2011
6. Gluttony 5/31/2011
7. Covetousness 5/31/2011
8. Envy 5/31/2011
9. Truth Goodness Beauty 8/9/2011
10. God 8/9/2011
11. Lost Love 8/22/2011
12. God Particle 7/8/2012
13. Temptation 8/5/2012
14. A New Year 1/1/2013
15. 'Kiss Of Love', Marine Drive, Kochi 11/3/2014
16. Rush 6/11/2011
17. To The Paradise 2/26/2009
18. Agape 2/15/2010
19. Di-Hydrogen Mono-Oxide 3/4/2013
20. Time Passes 2/2/2009
21. Mending Exams - A Parody 2/2/2009
22. I 2/3/2009
23. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 5/1/2011
24. What Is The Use? 6/30/2009
25. Anger 5/31/2011
26. To Eve 2/5/2009
27. Love Or Love 2/9/2009
Best Poem of Denvor fernandez

Love Or Love

Love, are you the one?
Who burns inside eloping couples,
Cries after the lost ones,
Springs revenge in on being jilted,
Fills the brain with wild emotions.
Wild self-destructive emotions.

Love, are you lust?
which fires the world with energy,
Forces people into that divine touch
which makes them hate.
A hate which makes them angry
A lifelong self-destructive anger.

Love, can we make you
on bed with our loving hearts,
filling our blood with heat,
touching deeper and deeper,
kissing deeper and deeper,
which finally will make us...

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Mending Exams - A Parody

Something there is that doesn't love exams,
That sends the frozen-brains-swell under it,
And splits the upper senses in the sun;
and make gaps even two can fail a test.
The work of hunters is another thing:
I have come after them and made repair
Where they have left not one paper on a paper
But they would have the mistake out of hiding,
To please the yelping dogs. The gaps I mean,

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