Derrick Clark

Rookie (04-25-81 / tulare california)

Derrick Clark Poems

1. The Unborn Star 4/26/2007
2. Running On Empty 4/27/2007
3. Poem Of The Ironwolverine 4/27/2007
4. Lean Mean Poet Machine 4/28/2007
5. Splash 4/28/2007
6. Running Toward Greatness... 4/28/2007
7. Death Of The Silent Warrior...Part 2 4/30/2007
8. Me, The Lion, And The Missing Flower: 4/30/2007
9. Lovable Heart Meets: Sinusitis 5/4/2007
10. House 5/9/2007
11. Whiskey Timmy Passing Out Flier's 5/9/2007
12. Knock, Knock, Who Fat? 5/10/2007
13. Baby 5/10/2007
14. The Nomad Need To Bathe Part 3 5/15/2007
15. The Time Traveler 5/16/2007
16. Half Century 1/4 Old Man.The Elevator Argument... 5/16/2007
17. Chelate 5/17/2007
18. I'M In The Movie's 5/17/2007
19. Botany 5/17/2007
20. Confinement 5/18/2007
21. Sunday Afternoon 5/21/2007
22. Crispy Larry: La-La 5/21/2007
23. Near-Future Of A Poet King 5/23/2007
24. Part 4: The Fish Saves The Worm 5/23/2007
25. Part 2: The Greatest Poem, Resurrected From The Ashe's 5/23/2007
26. Scarcity: Is A Mental Serial-Killer 5/24/2007
27. The Visionary 5/29/2007
28. The Parasite 5/29/2007
29. The Wealthy Vagabond 5/29/2007
30. Solo, And The Musty Ranger 5/31/2007
31. The Upstart Period 5/31/2007
32. Hooker Dollar Day 5/31/2007
33. Aggravated 6/1/2007
34. The Amish: Singing Song's, Im Having A Concert In My Pocket 6/1/2007
35. The Suicidal Little Boy 6/7/2007
36. Sexiest Lady 6/8/2007
37. My Job, Is A Circus 6/11/2007
38. Tranformation 6/12/2007
39. Riding The Greyhound... 6/12/2007
40. Broken 6/13/2007
Best Poem of Derrick Clark

33: Years Out Of Exile

All my life, it felt like I was in a atonement for enternity.
Trap in this mental prison called the system.
As I am the prey, while they is the predator.
Running for dear life, to escape this mental carnage.
Wondering why I, have to experience so much failure and pain.
Coming with a solution, to starve out this beast.
Reaching within myself, to bring out this hidden warrior.
That ready to unleash his fury.
Knowing the key weapon is sacrifice and will.
Finally realize,33 years of my life.
My mind is my ammo, to overcome my darkest hour.

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Birth Of A Flower...

As I am a seed, planted inside the ground.
Ready to be nuture, by all type of caretaker.
As the mourning sun rises, gleaming on the other flowers.
While the time past by, im still in my final stage.
Wondering, when is my time I will bloom.
As the afternoon hits, it pouring down rain.
After the sky clear up, the sun peaks out.
Im still asking, when is my time I will bloom.
As I slowly emerge, I started to sprout out of the ground.

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