devon da poet

(April 27,1992 / Sauteurs, Grenada)

Biography of devon da poet

presently studying in China;
Electrical Engineering, Management and Chinese Language.
North China Electric Power University, Beijing, China.
North East Normal University, China.
Graduate at Charis Bible College, Grenada- Theology.
Graduate at T.A Marry-show Community College, Grenada. Updates

Leave It So For Peace

Hey ma, I've suffered a lot because of what you taught me.
But thanks though, for it has gotten me thus far.
You said “leave it so for peace” but forgive me please ‘cause my soul is at war.
I've always withdrew for peace’s sake but my heart got torn into pieces.
You made me become speechless and it left me depressed.
So, what’s peace ma?
Is it bruises and scars, is it negligence and flaws?
What if peace isn't best for the moment?
What if peace makes me weak?

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