Dexsta Ray

Silver Star - 3,405 Points [Oluwasgun Chidike] (March 8,1994 -)

Dexsta Ray Poems

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7. Standing Firm -new- 8/3/2015
8. Don'T Notice Me! Don'T Know This Me! 3/12/2015
9. The Sheep Were Counting Something Else 3/15/2015
10. Sunflower 3/20/2015
11. Melting Candle 7/1/2015
12. I Been Made It 7/1/2015
13. This Area By The Lake 7/12/2015
14. Canaanites 7/13/2015
15. Hittites 7/13/2015
16. I Told You I... 7/14/2015
17. God Is Within Life 7/14/2015
18. I'M So Dang Dumb 7/14/2015
19. Life Is Impressing 7/17/2015
20. Nothing For You 7/17/2015
21. I'M Probably Crazy 7/17/2015
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26. It Be Hot! 7/20/2015
27. Break The Weight 7/20/2015
28. Different Fabrics 7/20/2015
29. The Darkness Got It's Claws At Me -new- 7/21/2015
30. Matthew Chapter Seven Verse Twenty Three -new- 7/21/2015
31. Fruits And Vegetables -new- 7/22/2015
32. Prophecies Unfolding -new- 7/22/2015
33. 'Tis A Way Of Life -new- 7/23/2015
34. Some Technology And Stuff -new- 7/23/2015
35. Fiery -new- 7/27/2015
36. Forget Attention 5/29/2015
37. Can'T Be Nobody Else (Nobody Else Can Be) 5/29/2015
38. Math Is Something To Be Faced With Twigs And Thistles 5/29/2015
39. This Society...(Light Life) 5/29/2015
40. Sui Generis (Pantoum) 5/30/2015
Best Poem of Dexsta Ray

I Do My Own Thing

Just the other day... a little birdie came
Told me that I had taken a LOSS
I don't have a problem
That's the name of it all
Only if you are competing though
The statement was
Because... I do my own thing
I don't compete
There's nobody in the world I am trying to defeat
The only reason why I strive is so I can be free
Being able to provide for my
Wife and my seeds...
I try to be a better me everyday
I want to make a difference
So there's nothing more important than to stay committed
Satan tries to throw distractions but ...

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Another Person

Another person died
Murder murder
A mother had cried
They sent her baby to the burner
There's no way to hide
This genocide is eternal
I would've been lying if I had said it never hurts
Open your eyes
Another person in a box

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