Dilantha Gunawardana

Biography of Dilantha Gunawardana

I am an academic, a lecturer/scientist in the Molecular Plant Sciences and an accidental poet who experiments with poetry. I am a dreamer by default (blame it on the genes: -)) and I am a realist on occasion. Love creativity and dread monotony, a late bloomer who loves the little things in life, from fireflies to Haiku poems and star-lit skies to quirky trivia.

Blog - http: //meandererworld.wordpress.com/

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Medusa's Army

Oh what splendor is found
In faith - to seal from crack
To heal from wound, to feel from numb
To free from slave, to be an unsung hero
No green-eyed goblin will ever vouch for
After all the tall poppy needs to be felled - at any cost
But not the green-eyed monster
Inside throngs of uncultured souls
And at the end of protracted time

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