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I know a lot of my poems are long, but when I get an idea I go with it until the idea plays itself out. a lot of times I dont know where its going until the end. I seem to be compelled to write and am grateful for this forum to be able to let others see my work and read the poetry of the many talented poets here. I just hope I am worthy of your company. thank you all for reading and I will be posting as I have many poems (in the hundreds0 to choose from.Dino

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Dreamer Man

If we met by chance, on some warm and windy day
Would you still remember me? As you went on your way
Would you still recall my face, or would you walk on by
Could you notice silent tears, descending from my eyes
To think you wouldn't notice me, and know me from the start
Might rip away my dreams, I fear the breaking of my heart
Passing me without a glance, and I knowing that you
Would force me into sorrow, as I watch the avenue

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