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I know a lot of my poems are long, but when I get an idea I go with it until the idea plays itself out. a lot of times I dont know where its going until the end. I seem to be compelled to write and am grateful for this forum to be able to let others see my work and read the poetry of the many talented poets here. I just hope I am worthy of your company. thank you all for reading and I will be posting as I have many poems (in the hundreds0 to choose from.Dino

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A Poem To Begin

The summer sun sinks quietly, but evening takes the day
I sit alone and think of things you've said,
And then your voice comes silently, and I can hear the way
So gently you had spoken, from the poems you had read.
I would build a fire for us, and you looked long for books,
In your hand, a well chilled glass of wine.
You'd turn your head and give to me some sweet, and loving look,
Just your presence, stopped for me, the dreadful hands of time.

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