Djean Whitney

Rookie (January 8,1989)

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Djean Whitney poet

I an 20 and love to write but it is difficalt for me I have Dyslexia and speeling is hard for me but I injoy it so much. I live in a smal town I have lived hear for 15 years and there is not much to do with my spar time so reading and writeing are what I do most of the time.
I love animals and I have had alot of them. Right now I have five cats, one dog, five fish and one turtl. I like spending time with my family and friends and talking to them over the internet.
I dont get along with my pernts all the time but how does. I have to sistters and that get on my nerves but, I love them so much.
I dont have much family that I get a long with but, I love the ones that do. Updates

With In All

You never give up you've always stayed strong, we will never give in.
Hes always there and we will always care.
We believe in him and we believe in you.
His faith stays strong and his will to live never leaves his thoughts.
His love causes you to believe in all and with his love it brings faith.
The faith brings strength just as mach as will.
The love from all causes you to hold on a little longer.
He loves all and we love you.

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