Djean Whitney

Rookie (January 8,1989)

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Djean Whitney poet

I an 20 and love to write but it is difficalt for me I have Dyslexia and speeling is hard for me but I injoy it so much. I live in a smal town I have lived hear for 15 years and there is not much to do with my spar time so reading and writeing are what I do most of the time.
I love animals and I have had alot of them. Right now I have five cats, one dog, five fish and one turtl. I like spending time with my family and friends and talking to them over the internet.
I dont get along with my pernts all the time but how does. I have to sistters and that get on my nerves but, I love them so much.
I dont have much family that I get a long with but, I love the ones that do. Updates

This Song To Be Threw

There was a time I believed I could mack all my dreams come true but, now all I can do is think of you.

There was a time I beleved I could be alone, and be happy fullfilling my dreams. I never beleved there was a chance I could be temoted by a stranger.

There was a time I when I beleved this to be true, but with one step alone and two with you and I was beleven this was not true.

There was a time I beleved I could be alone but, now I just don't know. When I think abut you leaving this s

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