Donnie Loveall

Rookie (5/11/191 / Columbia, MO)

Biography of Donnie Loveall

hello my name is donnie...i joined this site becuz my gf is a big poet...and i wanted to give it a try...but beyond that...i love my gf soooooooooooooo much...i love God and i love music and drumming...those are my passions in life Updates

How I Describe Us

how i feel about you can be described in 3 simple words
'i love you'
and how i feel about our relationship can be described in 7 simple words
'it's amazing and it will last forever'
and how i feel about us being together can be described in 1 simple word
i love you so much and this poem says it all
i mean says the future...our relationship will last forever
and it also says the past, present, and future...i love you

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