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Donya Bohanen

Poems of Donya Bohanen

1. Anger 2/1/2007
2. Attitude (Free Verse) 2/1/2007
3. Breathe The Morning Run (Sound Effects) 2/1/2007
4. Granny (Ballad) 1/31/2007
5. Mexican King Corsi 1/31/2007
6. Music (Everyday Things) 2/1/2007
7. Red 2/1/2007
8. Un-able 11/13/2006
9. Wishes Don’t Come True 2/1/2007


Do you know what it’s like to be un-able
What happened to me is un-forgive-able
The pain I felt was un-bear-able
What you did was un-think-able
And what you said was un-change-able
”Why” I asked, you said is un-explain-able
I think it’s just un-answer-able
The fear I have is un-avoid-able
The thoughts I have are un-beat-able

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