Dr. Antony Theodore

Dr. Antony Theodore Poems

1. The Desire Of The Soul Towards Its Source. 12/2/2015
2. The Passion Of The Mystic 12/2/2015
3. Conscious Relation With The Absolute 12/12/2015
4. I Want To Be A Part Of Your Mystery. 12/14/2015
5. They Are Ghosts In Me And In You. 12/16/2015
6. The Deeds That Only God Knows 12/16/2015
7. Christ Comes As A Baby 12/19/2015
8. I Shall Sing Of Your Love, My God 12/20/2015
9. I Want To Feel God's Presence Now. 12/21/2015
10. Christmas Bells Are Ringing 12/23/2015
11. Fruit Of Surrender Is Ecstay 12/23/2015
12. Surrender The Ego To The Spirit. 12/23/2015
13. On The Path "To" Love. 12/23/2015
14. Love Is Your True Nature. 12/23/2015
15. In The Catacomb(S) Of Callixtus 12/21/2015
16. God Of Pure Being 12/23/2015
17. Find Your Place In The Rising Arc. 12/29/2015
18. God's Graciousness 1/10/2016
19. God's Self Everywhere. 1/10/2016
20. Mesmorized With External Voices 1/11/2016
21. There Is A Really Deep Well Inside Us. 1/12/2016
22. Divine Unrest 1/14/2016
23. Entering Into Communion With The One 1/14/2016
24. Transformation Of The Being 1/14/2016
25. The Symbol Of A Pilgrimage 1/15/2016
26. Awaken The Hidden Love In You. 1/15/2016
27. Whispering Awake 1/15/2016
28. We Are Planted In Love 1/20/2016
29. I Want To Find Favour In God's Presence. 2/14/2016
30. The Story Of Ted Shawn 2/27/2016
31. Some Live Always In Tombs. 2/28/2016
32. Love Is The Only Energy In The Universe 3/5/2016
33. Ask Questions And More Questions. 3/6/2016
34. Discipline 3/12/2016
35. Life Is A Mystery. Wake Up! ! ! 3/12/2016
36. Thoughts Are Only Thoughts. 3/13/2016
37. Smile And The Whole World Will Smile With You. 3/13/2016
38. I Want To Love You O My God 3/20/2016
39. I Shall Wait Till You Sleep 3/24/2016
40. Shall We Swim To The Other Shore? 3/24/2016
Best Poem of Dr. Antony Theodore

If You Die Before Me

If you die before me
I would jump down into your grave
and hug you so innocently
that angels will become jealous.

I shall kiss you.
So intimately shall I kiss you
that your breath becomes mine.
In one breath of love shall
we merge into hugs of true joy.

Your heart shall beat
in rhythms unheard
like the drums of the desert
and the wild forest in the night.

You shall murmur in my ears:
'Oh press me to your chest;
Tear open your chest,
Make way for me
to enter into your loving heart
that beats only for me in resounding ...

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A Heart Full Of Thanks

A heart full of thanks
To you O my God
For my body and soul
Eyes and ears
All the members of my body
Intellect and my senses
Dress, my shoes
Food and drink
For all the friends around me

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