Dr. Antony Theodore

Dr. Antony Theodore Poems

1. Love Is Spirit. 10/3/2015
2. Revealing Symbols. 10/7/2015
3. The Mystic Way. 10/7/2015
4. The Spiritual Pilgrim Is Impelled. 10/27/2015
5. The King Leads Me Into Light. 10/29/2015
6. The Journey ' In ' God. 10/31/2015
7. Only Supernatural Possesses Reality. 10/31/2015
8. Steve Jobs Last Words. (Steve-Jobs-Apple-Ceo) 11/15/2015
9. A Passion For The Absolute. 11/16/2015
10. The Inexpressible Mysterious Presence Of God. 11/16/2015
11. Conscious Union With The Absolute 11/17/2015
12. Love’s Characteristic Activity Is A Quest. 11/17/2015
13. The Burning And Active Desire 11/19/2015
14. The Act Of Contemplation. 11/19/2015
15. Into The Inmost Being. 11/19/2015
16. Freeing The Soul From The Fleshly Love 11/20/2015
17. The Soul Is So Infinite That Nothing Satisfies It. 11/20/2015
18. The Emergence Of The Transcendental Sense 11/21/2015
19. Transcendental Sense In The Depths. 11/21/2015
20. Divine Love Penetrates The True Being. 11/22/2015
21. The Immortal Spark 11/22/2015
22. The Soul, Time And Eternity. 11/22/2015
23. The Worlds Of Being And Becoming 11/22/2015
24. Looking At The Face Of Perfect Love 12/1/2015
25. Knowing God By Communion. 12/1/2015
26. The Desire Of The Soul Towards Its Source. 12/2/2015
27. God Is Found Only In The Love Of Your Heart 12/2/2015
28. It Is The Heart Which Leads Us To The Absolute. 12/2/2015
29. A Belief Without Pride And Prejudices 12/11/2015
30. Today I Wait For You O My God. 12/11/2015
31. He Who Quenches The Thirst Of The Soul. 12/12/2015
32. Conscious Relation With The Absolute 12/12/2015
33. Poet’s Intuition 12/12/2015
34. God’s Friendship Is Like The Breath 12/14/2015
35. I Want To Be A Part Of Your Mystery. 12/14/2015
36. The Passion Of The Mystic 12/2/2015
37. They Are Ghosts In Me And In You. 12/16/2015
38. The Deeds That Only God Knows 12/16/2015
39. The Visitation Of Mary And Elizabeth 12/19/2015
40. Christ Comes As A Baby 12/19/2015
Best Poem of Dr. Antony Theodore

If You Die Before Me

If you die before me
I would jump down into your grave
And hug you so innocently
That angels will become jealous.

I shall kiss you
And press your body against me.
I shall shiver in your presence
I shall sweat and dance with you
In the nether world.

We shall dance soft and then wild.
We shall dance together.
As one body.
Dance so long and fine like a poem
Until the Lords of the dark world faint.

Then you will be free and fly away
From me into the world of the heavens
Where angels shall kiss your sacred body
Then you need no space ...

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Burning Blessing

The Powers of the depths
in a gasp of pain
rise to the realm of Intensity.
The songs of the soul,
meet the dance of the body.
The heart meets the sky
and when the horizons widen,
love spends itself in

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