Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Gold Star - 12,001 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

81. Behavior Of The People With Good Qualities! 6/11/2014
82. Being Cheerful Is Like A Butterfly! 12/9/2013
83. Being Kind To Everybody With Pleasure! 3/12/2014
84. Being The Guard Is Something New To The Black Cat! 9/10/2016
85. Best Means Of Discipline For Going To Bed! 6/3/2014
86. Better Decisions Make The Best Day! 6/29/2013
87. Better To Be Quiet Than To Speak! 7/30/2013
88. Beware Of Women! 11/20/2011
89. Beware! Children Are Watching Our Activities 10/10/2011
90. Beware! Grown Up Children! 2/17/2012
91. Blame And Aspersion Are Established On Them For Ever! 7/25/2014
92. Breasts, Not Caressed Without Its Usage Of Feeding The Children! 6/3/2015
93. Bribe Flourishes Everywhere Around Us! 11/25/2015
94. Brother And Sister Went To School! 11/26/2015
95. Brothers Should Be Friendlier! 10/21/2013
96. Brothers! Live With United Mentality! 10/20/2013
97. Brushing Aside The Principles Demolishes The Genetic Pride! 9/29/2015
98. Burn The Heaven In The Universe! 10/3/2014
99. But For The Good Will If At All They Earned While They Were Alive! 10/14/2015
100. By Prayer You Can Feel God! 10/25/2013
101. By Seeing Birds And Animals, Learn To Be Affectionate! 10/31/2013
102. By Which He Had Grown To The Top And Became The Man? 9/2/2016
103. By Whom This World Is..! 1/10/2016
104. Cage Parrot 11/4/2011
105. Can He Live Long Happily? 2/12/2014
106. Certain Attitudes To Be Followed By The Learned Persons! 9/3/2014
107. Certain Deeds Are Not Considered As A Healthy Practice! 4/16/2014
108. Certain Factors That May Endanger The Chastity Of A Woman! 10/4/2015
109. Certain People Could Not Sleep! 2/21/2014
110. Certain Women Who Don't Have External Beauty! 4/4/2016
111. Chair Isn'T Placed For You, But For Somebody! 10/12/2014
112. Chandra Leela, Pretty Name Of Her! 9/25/2013
113. Change Will Come In My Life! 11/26/2013
114. Chaste Women Never Forget The Thoughts Of Their Husband! 11/2/2013
115. Cheerful Celebration For The Corruption To The Core! -new- 9/19/2016
116. Chronic Alcoholism! 10/19/2011
117. Cigarette Smoking! 6/9/2014
118. Comparison Between Friends, Whores And Thieves 5/5/2015
119. Conceding With The Men Of Bad Character Is Harmful! 1/2/2014
120. Conceding With The Men Of Knowledge With Good Character! 1/2/2014
Best Poem of Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

A Guava Fruit A Day

An apple a day
keeps the doctor away
is a proverb;

Alas! the cost of an apple
is more than twenty rupee;

It does not suit everybody's pocket,
So go to another alternative fruit,
Cost effective to all purse
and competitive in price;

Take it as a policy,
A Guava fruit a day
keeps diabetes away,
It is a new saying to follow from today.

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How Far Is The Limit?

How far is the limit of the dream?
Till we wake up in the morning;
How far is the limit of awareness?
Till you fall into the sleep;
How far is the limit of illumination?
Till both the eyes are closing;
How far is the limit of kindness?
Nobody has noticed it so far!

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