Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

Veteran Poet - 1,308 Points (17.10.1944 / Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India)

Dr.V.K. Kanniappan Poems

81. To My Daughter And Grand Children! 8/8/2013
82. To Enthrone My Lover! 8/13/2013
83. To Blow The Scent Of Flowers Of Friendship! 9/19/2014
84. Three Views Of A Scholarly Person For Being A Human! 9/20/2013
85. Three Unusual Incidences One Should Not See! 1/5/2014
86. Three Types Of Persons Are Necessary For A Good Country! 11/11/2013
87. Three Things Which Reveal One’s Ignorance! 9/16/2013
88. Three Things That Should Be Safe-Guarded Lest These Be Get Spoiled! 12/11/2013
89. Three Things Done By Stupid Fellows! 9/16/2013
90. Three Qualities For Pride Of Manhood! 2/12/2012
91. Three Qualities Are Present Only With Certain Capable People! 8/8/2014
92. Three Planetary Persons Responsible For Reducing The Rain! 1/13/2014
93. Three Persons Who Drown In The Sea Of Greed! 9/25/2013
94. Three Personalities Are Considered As One’s Friends! 11/16/2013
95. Three Indices May Appear In One’s (Unstable) Body! 10/15/2013
96. Three Ill Effects In The Society Leading To Poverty! 9/29/2013
97. Three Faulty Jobs Done By The People Who Has No Good Character! 8/22/2014
98. Thoughtless Activities Result In Loss Of Life! 9/16/2013
99. Thinking The Four As Young, Known And Acquainted Leads To Distress! 8/20/2014
100. Thief Who Spoiled The Strength And Modesty Of My Heart! 8/4/2014
101. They Wait For The Next Day To Dawn 9/29/2012
102. They Need Their Wives To Live Peacefully! 11/7/2011
103. They Establish Sufferings To Our Ill Treated Citizens! 12/1/2013
104. They Are Considered Non-Intellectuals 11/24/2011
105. There Is No Other Companion Like Education! 12/2/2013
106. There Is No Good Face Among The Monkeys! 5/2/2014
107. There Is No Ghost Proved So Far! 7/8/2013
108. There Is No Better God 9/16/2012
109. There Comes My Darling! 8/9/2013
110. There Arose The Loud Cry Of A Cock ‘cock-A-Doodle’! 12/12/2013
111. There Are Others, Not Born With You, But Helpful! 1/12/2014
112. The Young Girl Languishes To Embrace The Brave King! 2/13/2014
113. The World Will Suspect His Genetic Identity! 12/19/2013
114. The World Higher Than The Place Of Gods 9/8/2012
115. The Women Of Good Family Trait! 8/4/2014
116. The Woman Is Considered As God For All Other Women! 10/28/2013
117. The Wise People Will Save You As Much As They Can! 1/18/2014
118. The Wife Should Maintain Morality! 10/31/2013
119. The Wealth Accumulating To Honest People! 3/16/2014
120. The Virtuous Persons Remain As Noble And Gentle Folk To The Core! 12/27/2013
Best Poem of Dr.V.K. Kanniappan

A Guava Fruit A Day

An apple a day
keeps the doctor away
is a proverb;

Alas! the cost of an apple
is more than twenty rupee;

It does not suit everybody's pocket,
So go to another alternative fruit,
Cost effective to all purse
and competitive in price;

Take it as a policy,
A Guava fruit a day
keeps diabetes away,
It is a new saying to follow from today.

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Sorrow Of Lassitude

In the enormous space, in the dark sea,
I became a crow without a pole, Oh' Dear Rahman!

From the days I came to birth, useless I am,
became the moon in the woods, Oh' Dear Rahman!

Thinking that the hunting is great, holding the rabid dog,
Can I enter the forest, Oh' Dear Rahman!

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