Dr. Yogesh Sharma

Veteran Poet - 1,227 Points (1-7-1959 / india)

Biography of Dr. Yogesh Sharma

Dr. Yogesh Sharma poet

. The poet is a teacher who believes in universal brotherhood. He loves humanity, social justice, secularism, woman's empowerment and nature. He believes in realism. His poems are far away from the flight of fantasy and imagination. He is very close to realism of life, society and world in his poems.

Dr. Yogesh Sharma's Works:

Influence of Bhagawad Gita on Matthew Arnold

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I Am Tasleema

I can not write a book right now,
I was thrown out of my house,
After a half meal; in fear,
By train or by air; I do not know,
Or slowly on foot.

There is a pain in my heart,
Given to me by Mullahas years ago,
The wound is still unhealed,

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