Treasure Island

Egal Bohen


Poems of Egal Bohen

241. Where the Rainbows Rule Again 8/20/2007
242. While innocence lays soft uncurled 8/8/2006
243. Who are you I am me 12/15/2006
244. Why is it That We are All Here 9/2/2006
245. Wild Places 8/2/2005
246. With The Dust of Ages Hung 5/16/2005
247. Words are Just Labels 1/17/2006
248. Words I Wrote 3/25/2006
249. Your Tree of Life is Taking Shape 7/10/2006
250. Zothere 12/18/2008


Mans world to him has now become
So complex like unto a Sum
The theory always then applied
To solve the problem next arrived

But when he lays himself to rest
Without him, and outside his head
The teeming Life that Earth maintains
In oceans deep

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