Egal Bohen

Rookie - 12 Points (Earth)

Egal Bohen Poems

161. Sometimes 10/22/2007
162. Souls Memories 8/17/2005
163. Sound Of The Waves 5/25/2007
164. Space 5/2/2008
165. Spheres Of Whitened Blue Edged Light 8/8/2006
166. Stardust 1/3/2006
167. Summer 7/14/2005
168. Summer Linen 2/27/2007
169. Supernatural 12/30/2006
170. Take A Ship With Three Masts 10/3/2005
171. The Animals (Or - I Wonder What God Thinks Of Us) 3/15/2007
172. The Balance (Death Of A Song Thrush) 1/27/2009
173. The Beast Within 5/21/2005
174. The Big Bang -V- The Big Doughnut Theory 5/22/2005
175. The Big Bang -V- The Big Doughnut Theory Mk Ii (Or Long Sausage Roll Theory) 8/19/2005
176. The Big Bang -V- The Big Doughnut Theory Mk Iii (Or What Happens When A Big Doughnut Spins) 3/11/2008
177. The Big Bang -V- The Big Doughnut Theory Mk Iv (That Is The Universe We'Re In) 4/9/2009
178. The Child In Your Mind 9/29/2005
179. The Edge 6/26/2005
180. The Edge Of The Disc 11/22/2006
181. The First Step 3/21/2007
182. The Human Mind 9/17/2006
183. The Last Dinosaur 3/15/2009
184. The Monkey And The Shrew 12/16/2006
185. The Moth 5/18/2005
186. The One Thing That We Should All Know 12/23/2008
187. The Original Impressionist 5/20/2007
188. The Photographer 9/5/2007
189. The Questioning Part 5/24/2005
190. The Turn Of The Time 5/27/2007
191. The Universe Fire 9/22/2005
192. The Way 2/5/2006
193. The Wheel 4/24/2009
194. Think Death 10/26/2005
195. Thinking 7/4/2005
196. This Heaven Thing 3/16/2007
197. This Worlds Illusion 9/17/2005
198. Time 3/10/2007
199. Time Equals Life 3/10/2007
200. Time To Grow Up 9/20/2006
Best Poem of Egal Bohen


When we are angry at mankind
Or rave at some depravity of mind
When we would curse behaviour of a kind
To argue, rather than to view benign
It is with our own self we battle wage
When choosing not to understand, nor to engage
With that from which we isolate our self
With anger sent, to where, perhaps is needed help
Lest fearful, reason may just find the time
With tenderness, to enter in our mind.
And so it is perhaps from loss of our own face
We are so quick to shout of their disgrace
But we should not lose sight of our own sins
Though, in different ...

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Time Too

T wo
I ndependent
M oving
E lements

Are all you need for Time
One to go
One to stay
There you have the start of a day

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