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Poetry is a way for me to share my emotional memory. It is my seal, my stamp, my proof that I have been paying some attention in life. Some of my favourite poetic subjects include: Sound, Digital technology, Geishas, Astronauts, Nature, Gypsies, Jews, Snow, Deceptive Athletes, and of course, Love.

I am inspired by mythology, symbology, mysticism such as Kabbalah, philosophy, angelology, literature, and film and any kind of creative thinking. As well as by my Grandfather, the pianist Jascha Spivakovsky and my Great Uncle, the violinist Tossy Spivakovsky. I also write short-stories, songs, do many kinds of visual art, and am the singer-songwriter and guitarist in the band Circa Aeon.

Recently, I was the first to note an over-looked cinematic allusion in Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece, 'Ran'.

I am also a perfume fanatic and will be making my first scent this year with Fleurage Perfumers.

I have previously been published in numerous blogs and have just self-published a collection of my work called 'Panacea'. I have also been published in 'Mad Hat' Journal, 'Edgar Allen Poet' Journal, 'Verandah' Journal, 'The Australian Jewish News - literary edition' and 'Sonic Boom' Journal.

You're welcome to share my poems as long as you give me author credit. I hope you will enjoy them and use them to make emotional memories for yourself as well.

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My book 'Panacea' is now available through Blurb.com or Amazon.com

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Corps Of Wet Doves

In the sun, the down on birds is luminous,
In the daisyfields, parachutes capture the glow of summer like papillion nets breathing oxygen and light.
Falling to earth, resuscitated by a strong breeze,
they flutter in their whitest silk like
an over-bloomed lily and call for more breeze
later still like
a late-blooming frangipani.

They are bridal canopies becoming sacronsanct

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